What do you do with transaction fees in an LBO model?

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Hi all,

When solving a simple paper LBO model, how do you account for transaction fees?
Let's say the EV is 1000 and you acquire the firm using 70% debt. Transaction fees are 50 and existing cash is 50. After 5 years cumulative FCFE is 200 and you can sell the firm for 1200.
Is it correct that the cash multiple = (1200 + 200 - 700)/300 = 2.33? How do you account for the existing cash and the transaction fess in this kind of calculation?

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Jun 24, 2018

Your cash on cash multiple is correct.

You deal with the transaction fees and cash in the sources / uses.

Uses: Equity + Debt (1050), Min Cash (0)
Sources: BS cash (50), Debt (700), Equity Check (300)

If you have a Min cash requirement or there isn't enough BS cash to fund the fees, the sponsor has to write a bigger check. That 300 is the "plug" in the equation

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Jun 26, 2018