What does the career path look like for investment banking business development?

I recently discovered my love for PE and startup BD roles and while searching for some postings I came across a couple BD jobs at EBs and MM boutiques. Duties include being involved in capital raising, prospecting and pipeline management, supporting pitch deck creation and developing knowledge of the buy-side universe. I have a background in PE/VC and SAAS startup BD. Recently sat down and realized I love being on the social/sales side of the street and grind it out constantly talking to new leads, especially when I'm selling a great product or the services of a proven firm.

What does career progression in this type of role at a bank look like vs say PE BD at a place like Summit/AKKR?

Will having exposure to rx and strategic advisory in a BD role potentially help me access credit/distressed buy-side opportunities after a few years?

Do these types of roles have a shot at moving to UMM/MF PE or would that require an MBA rebrand first?

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Mar 9, 2019


Mar 11, 2019