What does this job description sound like?

This is a Fortune 500 company in the retail sector... What do you guys think of this? Does this read like a Family Office Analyst position or a Middle Office Administrator?

Job Title: Portfolio Analyst

Department Description: Charitable XXXXXX Investments provides investment, accounting and tax services for the XXXXXX family and related entities as well for the XXXXXX Family Foundation and XXXXXX Corporate Foundation.

External Position Description: The Portfolio Analyst will support and report to the Portfolio Manager in the management and oversight of the Trust Company and XXXXXX Family Foundation investment portfolios. Foundation assets under management are currently The information is highly confidential and is obtained from a variety of sources including custodian banks and outside investment managers. This position is responsible for building working relationships with these sources. Specific accountabilities include:
* Oversee daily portfolio tasks; including contributions, distributions, and correspondence with investment managers and interaction with custodian banks and resolving issues as they arise
* Gather data and prepare reporting on investment performance, portfolio allocation and asset valuation
* Work as liaison between investment, accounting, and tax groups for issues pertaining to investment portfolio

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Aug 12, 2013

Is that an entry level role? What are requirements?

Aug 14, 2013

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