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Your template has numerous errors.

Dear [First name for Analyst/Associate, Mr. XYZ for VP/Director/MD],

My name is "_________". [Period not a comma] I am a sophomore studying ______________ at [no "the"] _______________ with an [remove "very high", sounds awkward] interest in pursuing a career in investment banking. [Remove the "I am specifically interested" sentence, also reads as awkward].

"to inquiry about" is a typo. Can't believe you blasted that many emails without realizing it should have been "to inquire about". Inquiry is a noun, inquire is the verb.

You also shouldn't be stating it in that direct fashion. It's a faux pas to ask for something directly when you haven't made a connection in person. You should say, "I was hoping I could get 15 minutes of your time to discuss your experiences at [firm X]. Do you have time on Tuesday or Wednesday morning next week?"


I found the template on a different thread on WSO so I mistakenly assumed there would be no errors. Just a really stupid mistake on my part. Thanks for correcting it.


Lack of attention to detail equals insta-ding. Seriously, focus on grabbing coffee and getting informational interviews. Then stay in touch, send the occasional "interesting article", connect on LinkedIn and follow up, that is what would be the best approach.


First of all, you should definitely expand your search. As a sophomore, you don't need an IB position now. Anything decent in finance (i.e not PWM) should be fine. Target search funds, small PE and VC shops, mutual funds, asset managers, and other niche industries. As for finding a list of these firms, Google is your best bet.

Second of all, DO NOT ask for an internship in your cold email. Think about it from the perspective of whoever is reading the email. "Why would I even consider this kid I don't know for an internship position?" Ask to schedule a phone call or meet for coffee. After you establish a good relationship, then you can ask about an internship. I know you are fairly late in the game for finding an internship, but I know of people who only landed something at the end of May. Keep trying.

Finally, if all else fails, that position at the small retail bank should still help. Over the summer, you should network your ass off to get to a position where you will be competitive for IB.


I thought about not including my resume and asking for a phone call instead of an internship but I felt like that is something that should be done before winter break since building a relationship is more of a long term thing.


You already have an internship and multiple conferences/resume building experiences coming up. Get your resume together, take the internship you have, and start figuring out your "why IB" story for recruiting next year. Also, you should be asking for informational interviews and not internships. It's a slow process. If you start building relationships now, you'll be the first person on their list next year.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there" - Will Rogers


I am waiting for the start of summer to reach out to alumni in the elite boutiques, MM or BB firms in Chicago to start building relationships. I feel like it is too early to start asking alumni/connections for coffee or phone calls. I had a phone call with an alumni at HL around December and it felt like I wasted his time since I did not have much to talk about and I did not get much info about the recruiting process at that firm since it was too early for soph. Also, I did not have the greatest credentials to talk about, which I now have.


Don't let that one experience distort your perspective. Any time of the year is a great to be networking. Don't worry about selling your credentials or scoring an internship immediately. Its a slow and steady process, and eventually, you'll get what you want.


Show that your willing to go above and beyond. Maybe offer to do an unpaid internship.


Id suggest contacting any fin services organization like consulting, crop bank, insurance companies and anything related to fin


Guys, a quick follow-up on this thread. I got a call tomorrow with an MD at a local boutique shop. What questions should I expect? Why us, Why IB, tell me about yourself, past experience. Technicals? DCF? Do I need to review 3 statements? It's been a while since my last interview so I forgot a lot of them...


Is this an interview or just an informational one? If informational don't worry about the technicals


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