What internships should I be focusing on for sophomore and junior year + recruiting timelines + skills?

I just completed my freshman year at an ivy with a good GPA (above a 3.8). I have a full-time hotel operation internship and a part-time PE internship lined up for this summer. I realized during my second semester that real estate really interested me particularly development and repe. I don't have any interest in reib as my family has experience in those fields and I don't like the work-life balance or the type of work.

I've done research through this website and others about which repe firms take out of undergrad and the top firms in both repe and development, but I am confused about the best possible pathway of internships for both sophomore and junior year to get a top development or repe job. I know the top companies will have a similar work-life balance to IB, but I find the work more interesting and hopefully rewarding.

What internships should I strive for next summer that would put me in line for a top repe or development job?

I was thinking of striving for repe and development internships in Philadelphia (close to where I reside) or going after regional developers like Bozzuto.

What is the recruiting timeline for these positions? Is it like IB where I apply for junior year internships during my sophomore spring or is it slower?

Finally, What are some skills that interns need to know? And what skills would you wish you had learned during undergrad? Thank you.

Also on a side note, How do you guys get over the fear of networking with partners and managing directors? I am an outgoing person in real life, but for some reason, networking makes me anxious.

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