What is a typical comp structure doing originations for a private debt fund?

The debt fund in particular does about $400MM per year in originations, roughly 65% residential and 35% commercial properties. Average loan size is $3-4MM.

My background is 15+ years acquisitions/asset management for primarily institutional capital.

Is there a typical formula for how these private debt groups comp folks who originate loans? i.e. what piece of the origination/exit fees are available as comp, etc? Are base salaries typically lower for these groups?

Biggest concern I have is that net/net, it's a step backwards in terms of comp from the equity side and unless I'm able to get a piece of the overall business as a senior level partner, it's not the right move.

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Jul 8, 2019

bump, also in a private debt fund and would be curious on any responses.

Jul 8, 2019