What is He training for ?

Somebody has become the world's foremost analyst on the Spartacus movie series. Some people found their inspiration in Jesus, others in Buddha, yet others in Jackie Chan. Not me. I'm with Spartacus. I play the series every year, it may be one episode a week or five episodes a week, and I never run low on observations.

The theme of the Underdog, a prevailing theme of this blog, is relevant to all people. I call it a "meta" theme. You see, even a filthy-rich person, one at the pinnacle of their profession, will still identify with the underdog. They'll say they've overcome this, they've overcome that, and that they are an underdog.

In Vengeance's Episode 6 "Chosen Path" Spartacus asks Crixus about Gannicus:

"You knew Gannicus from before I did. What is your opinion of the man?"

Crixus: "He is a Champion, like us. A boon to your cause.

Spartacus: He has expressed doubt towards it."

Crixus: "As have we all. Yet you always find ways to convince otherwise."

Spartacus does a second round of assessing Gannicus when he and Gannicus go into the woods hunting; this time around alone with Gannicus he gauges the other's questions.

In this episode's ending, he doesn't change Gannicus mind towards the rebellion. In the end, life will set Gannicus upon that path.

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Mar 9, 2019