What is the comp (both starting and 'peak') / hours like for joining a large cap company IR after working on buyside for 5-10 years?

Title. Basically what is the comp (both starting and 'peak' after 10-15yrs) / hours for moving into IR for a large cap company after working on buyside for 5-10years?

Wondering if this would be a good career path at some point, the AM rat race gets to you after a while...

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  • Research Analyst in AM - Equities
Apr 14, 2021 - 9:48pm

Similar boat as you. Might get better answers in the corp fin forum. 

From what I've gathered comp won't be stray to much from corporate averages. Just will depend if you come in at manager, director, or vp level. 

Hours probably nothing too crazy outside of earnings. 

  • Research Analyst in AM - Equities
Apr 15, 2021 - 5:49pm

I'm not too plugged into what corporate VPs make but seems about right. 

From the IR people I know I get the sense that hours are pretty normal outside of earnings and other big news events. I'm sure there are random requests from investors and CFO/board that can cause a few late nights in between.

I'm guessing with 10 years on the buy side you can easily tell a hard working IR person from a lazy one so not sure there are standard hours across the board. 

  • Director in AM - Equities
May 8, 2021 - 11:26am

I've done quite a bit of research on this because I'm about to make the leap.

The answer is that it varies significantly based upon 1) company size 2) industry and 3) your seniority within the IR team. Large companies and those in high growth/attractive industries like tech pay the best. I don't think IR pays as well if you're in a mature or declining industry, let's say telecom or energy or whatever. My impression is also that U.S. IR roles pay much better than those in most other countries.

I can tell you that I interviewed for a midlevel role at a large tech company and the comp we discussed was >$300k. I've talked to enough heads of IR to gather that one can break into the seven-figure range as head of IR if you're at the right company. I was kind of shocked to learn this initially. I think it's one of the most quietly underrated roles in the finance world.  

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