What is the typical personal life of an Ibd MD?

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Hey guys

I'm interested in knowing about the personal life of an Ibd MD. Overall, what is their typical work life balance? Do they have good relationships with their wife and kids? Are they able to maintain hobbies and a healthy lifestyle? Are they stressed all the time or are they usually chill guys?

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Jan 7, 2018

Individual styles and personalities can vary, but most are not chill. Almost every MD I've known has been divorced or is in the process of divorce. Their kids and wife come second to work - they may try to put them first, but it fails. Are there some who find a balance , sure, but it's rare in my experience. They usually look like shit as well. I've seen a number of them move from sell-side to buy-side and the story was still the same. If you want balance, this is the last place to try to make it work.

Jan 7, 2018