What is there to look forward to?

What do you look forward to? Sitting here on a Sunday with no sign of hope or anything to look forward to until Labor Day weekend. Depressed, burned out let me know how you stay motivated. 

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 17, 2022 - 4:42pm

Similar situation here man you're not alone. All that hard work for this...no wonder there's this labor shortage people (especially our generation) are done with the corporate bs ladder climbing. It won't get you the same standard of living anymore and then you have more "experienced" guys come on here and give kids generic investment advice that will have us slaving away for another 30+ yrs

Jan 19, 2022 - 4:46pm
Bankerconsu, what's your opinion? Comment below:

ok this is what i don't get. I run a semi's business and am seeing labor shortage across the fuckin supply chain, especially at low end $20 / hr range roles.

What do you mean people are "done" with the corporate world. How are they paying the fuckin bills? 

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Jan 17, 2022 - 5:41pm
Arroz con Pollo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Motivation comes and goes - it's maintaining discipline that you should concern yourself with.

Not to try and sound like a hardass, but people nowadays want instant gratification. Social media and being told they're special by their parents add fuel to this fire.

You most likely don't have any one-of-a-kind talents, but that doesn't mean you can't succeed far beyond the average person. Majority of people are too lazy to work hard and stay disciplined. This is why you see so many fat people - being in shape is not complicated, but many lack the discipline to do it.

One could argue I'm trying to convince myself that slaving away at a corporate job is what I'm supposed to be doing in my 20's rather than actually exploring the world, and I actually see that argument and don't entirely disagree with it. However, I understand that by being disciplined now and getting into elite physical shape and building my wealth, my future self will be thankful, and that's something I am proud of.

I'm not going to act like if you gave me $10M today that I would keep doing what I'm doing. Give me that money and I'm fucking off on vacation until I die bro. The fact of life though is that nobody is giving me that money and there's a 99.99999% chance I will only be able to spend whatever money that I myself earn.

I was supposed to be a multi-millionaire athlete by this point in my life. Had to accept that fact and move on with life. Do I have goals? Yeah - get in a loving relationship, have a family, do cool shit with my family. I believe being disciplined will get me there, and if I fail to achieve this, then it's my fault.

Jan 17, 2022 - 9:27pm
fomafoma, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Idk I think this is a bit out of touch. IB is hard as fuck and takes a mental toll. Unlike OP, I'm 5 years into my career but only 6 months into IB as a lateral from industry. To give you a sense of my work ethic I made into a top coverage group at a top bank with no MBA, a non target undergrad, and just years of hard work and advancement at an F500 before lateraling. I'm already thinking about bailing because it's just been that taxing. 

fortunately my wife and I have banked a shit ton of $$ since graduating and have no student loan debt, etc. but honestly I can't blame OP; if you have ANY interests outside of work IB will be tough as hell. I want to quit to achieve many of the non-corporate milestones I've put off (climb mountains, spend more time with family, have kids, etc). And FYI I'm off of all social media, save rigorously, etc so the "instant gratification" thing is a non factor. 

Jan 18, 2022 - 4:34pm
ValuePro, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm curious, Would you say it's the actual work / hours that burn you or spending those hours / work with people that you don't like to be around?

Jan 17, 2022 - 10:25pm
bluecollarfinanceguy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

As someone stated above, motivation comes and goes but what separates the men from the boys is being able to show up every day and slog through mundane shit with a smile on your face. Motivation is basically a little hit of dopamine that you get from listening to a song or watching an inspiring movie. It may last a few hours, or maybe even a day or two, but when that wears off you need to be able to keep pushing forward.

Personally for me, I have very well defined personal finance goals and fitness goals. I know that if i execute my game plan every day, that I am one day closer to achieving those said goals. It's not always pretty or exciting, but to use a football terminology, it's basically "3 yards and a cloud of dust". Seeing the progress towards these tangible long term goals is super rewarding and keeps me going.

Beyond the above, I also think it's important the have something to look forward to in the short term. To the extent it's possible, try to plan some sort of weekend get away every couple of months. Doesn't have to be anything glamorous, can be as simple as flying to another city to visit a buddy and crash on his couch for a night or two.

My 2nd year as an analyst, I got absolutely smoked, but I did everything in my power to pull off 3 or 4 weekend getaways to keep me sane. If you're planning on going A2A, you should also be getting some form of sabbatical. I got 3 weeks off over the summer and took them all at once, completely unapologetically. I knew this was in the pipeline for me, so that's what got me through some of the roughest patches of my analyst stint.

Know it can be hard when you see your college / HS friends apparently out and about dicking around living what seem to be free spirited lives, but keep in mind you're paid a premium to embrace the suck of banking. If you can grind out a few years and perform halfway decent as an analyst, you can pull down close to $500k in 2 years if you're at a decent firm, and then go A2A with the promise of making at least ~$300k at the age of 24.

Keep on pushing man.

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 19, 2022 - 12:18pm

I generally agree with this, but maybe its my naivety talking but the longer I'm in IB the less I care about money and materialistic things, the more I care about just being "happy" at whatever cost ya know (that 9-5 lower paying corporate job doesn't sound too bad in exchange for actually living my life..), anyways I guess grass is always greener but fuck ma nIB sucks the soul out of u more than what I anticipated 

  • Analyst 3+ in IB - Cov
Jan 17, 2022 - 11:07pm

Im so burned out too. It is affecting my ability to work. I am always too exhausted to go out or have any kind of social life. I'm sorry. Wish I had any solution.

  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Jan 19, 2022 - 4:10pm

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