What is this type of financial service called in English?

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Hi All!

I am currently in the interview process with a Chinese boutique investment bank, or as this type of institution is more commonly referred to in China as, a financial advisory firm. The primary business of this firm is to help tech startups raise capital through private equity. For a more detailed example, a tech startup needs money, and it comes to the above mentioned financial institution. Then the institution examines the startup's business plan, evaluates the startup, develops funding strategies and pitches to VC firms (or funds).

I spent a significant amount of time living in Canada and came from a non-financial background. I was a market research analyst in Canada and reallocated to China recently. As you may know, things are a bit different here. For example, "investment banks" are referred to as "securities companies" (same as in Japan) and are primarily associated with the secondary market. I wonder what this type of business is called in English.

Thx a lot for your help!


George Luo

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Oct 19, 2017

1 - I suggest you don't use your real name on WSO

2 - the transaction you're speaking of is called a "private placement" in English. Boutique investment banks often times do these, so the type of firm would still be considered an investment bank in the US. Very, very uncommon to see a boutique that solely does private placements however. This is because there is marginal return on the effort invested, and often times because the startup you're dealing with has no money, they can't afford to pay your firm a retainer and so it's almost entirely predicated on your ability to close a private placement deal for them.

Oct 20, 2017