What is WSO's opinion on B2B Software Sales?

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So recently (i.e. this past week) accepted a role to be the entry level sales development position at an extremely fast growing [some say the fastest] software startup. First year comp is looking to average around 60K in a moderate COL area, with some making more than 100K.

Seems like there are many out there in software sales, especially enterprise, which are able to pull in over 300K a year. Coming from a non-target I feel its a field that rewards grit and talent more than prestige or background. Might try something like software sales --> biotech sales --> top MBA / entrepreneurship --> maybe one or two companies as VP of Sales or actual founder --> end goal just churning or something like advisor/angel/VC; something like that.

Any thoughts monkeys?

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Sep 27, 2015

A good friend of mine is in software sales at Oracle, and another at Lexis Nexis. My understanding is that the field can be very lucrative but I have no direct experience. Good luck!

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Sep 28, 2015

this is a growing field that will be very exciting to be in during this part of your life. if you are good at sales, you will never ever be unemployed. best of luck.

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Sep 28, 2015

I don't see why not. Heck, if entrepreneurship is your eventual goal knowing how to sell is essential, much more so than anything you'd learn in banking.

Sep 28, 2015

It's definitely possible if you are willing to work for it. Just remember in the software field, companies get bought out just as much if not more so to bring the founder into the buying company as it is to bring in the product.

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Sep 28, 2015

Hey OP, how did you break into this? Was this something you actively pursued and networked towards or did you just come across it?

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Sep 28, 2015

Thanks for the positive responses guys. Love the fact that in sales, you're kind of a mini-mini-CEO in your territory, and given a very good range of autonomy. Also a HUGE fan of performance based pay rate. If I want to, I can put in banking hours 80+ a week and see that transform into actual cash, or I can pull back and slide by and get fired/make less.


Hey OP, how did you break into this? Was this something you actively pursued and networked towards or did you just come across it?

All of my jobs have 'sales' related or business development type experience. I just highlighted it and showed the interest in the interview. Most of the time getting the interview is easy, you just have to sell yourself to get the job.

That and reading tons of sale's material, always trying to be charismatic and honestly I feel like I was born for a sales type role (sounds cheesy but its true).

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Sep 28, 2015

I've got a lot of friends doing sales at companies like Oracle and Salesforce that are making around 100k at 25 before commission. Definitely a lucrative place to be right now. Good luck, OP.

Sep 28, 2015