What is your favorite brand for group shirts?

Hi everyone, I am looking for some recommendations related to group shirts to wear in the office environment. I work in a multinational company so things seem a little bit easygoing for working dress code here.

Next month, we will have a party and every project team is allowed to wear their own choice of group clothes. At the end of the event, the winning team whose costumes are the most amazing (votes counted) will have the privilege to wear anything they want for 1 week in our workplace.

Of course, this is not Halloween so we are not permitted to do unorthodox things. After discussing for a while, we decided not to stick to stock-image shirts because that would be boring for sure. Instead, custom shirts (those that allow you to send a picture during the purchasing process so they can use it to print on the shirt) may be worth considering for our group uniform.

We don't want to waste money on low-quality shirts, but also expect to avoid top-notch brands so we won't have to spend too much on just one arbitrary occasion.

One colleague suggests that I check out Colorgate and Hyperfavor. Has anyone bought custom products from them and can you provide me with some feedback?

Thanks in advance.

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