What Kind of Internships are these?

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I'm currently a sophomore with a 4.0 majoring in Finance and Economics at a non-target (Arizona State). I was originally going to work in government (I'm currently a speechwriter for the State Attorney General), but have decided that this is not for me, and I have reverted back to my original goal of IB or Asset Management. I'm currently looking for an internship for this summer (yes, I know, it's kind of late), and I had a couple of questions:

1) There are various departments in an investment management firm that I am looking at, however, the job descriptions don't seem to be that in-depth. Would working as an "Mutual Fund Financial Analysis and Reporting Intern" be valuable experience? Basically it sounds like i'll just be entering information into a computer and not really doing much work beyond that. If that's common, then that's fine, I just want to make sure this is an internship that would help me for future prospects. I guess I'm confused as to what internships I should be looking for as they are all listed under Investment Management.

2) Is it better to get an internship in NYC rather than in my home state (Scottsdale, AZ)? Many banks/firms have branches here in Scottsdale, and i'm wondering if I should be applying for those or setting my sights on NYC.

Thanks for your help!