What Major to go into Corporate Finance?

Hi everyone,

I am a freshman business major at a non-target school in the midwest. Recently, I have decided that I want to pursue a role into corporate finance, preferably starting at an F500 company. I have a few questions about this that I can't seem to find direct answers to on the internet.

I can't decide what my major should be and if it will hurt me going forward. I want to be a Finance major, but most of the classes are geared towards people looking to move into investing type careers. On the other hand, there are less requirements for a finance degree and I can use the extra credits to take accounting or other business related classes. I could also be an accounting major, which is more rigorous, but the course load is very structured and it requires you to take certain classes.

For those that don't want to read the above paragraph, Accounting or Finance for Corporate Finance?

Also, should I be doing something to further my career during this upcoming summer? I don't have an internship and am just planning on taking a summer class and working a regular job. Will this hurt me?

Thanks for any help

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