What makes computer speakers special? Also, sound system recommendations?

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I'm doing some morning drinking and Amazoning and have decided my new office needs a surround-sound setup. I have a nice sound situation at the TV, which I watch maybe 25 minutes a day of while I eat. But I spend like 3-16 hours in my office and I'm using bullshit $50 M-Audio studio monitors sitting on some mousepads. This is preposterous. OK so what makes computer speakers special? I can not find an answer on the internet and even GymBro, who I normally turn to for queries such as this, does not know. This might be a totally fruitless venture because if GymBro doesn't know, it is likely nobody knows. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

So how is like a 5.1 setup with a sound bar different from a 5.1 or a 7.1 setup from like Logitech? What if I just mount a sound bar behind me and auxillary speakers around? Nobody will know I'm not watching movies. This is mostly for podcasts but that's besides the point. The objective is to be preposterous and occasionally play rap music very loud and clear. Sometimes maybe some Tony Bennett. Dude I should rap over Tony Bennett instrumentals.
Is two subwoofers a thing? Can you have like a 9.2 setup? What's the most preposterous audio setup out there? How does Logitech stack up to Onkyo and Yamaha?

tl;dr: Help Goldie get a dope surround sound situation going for under like $500. If I can do it for under $350, I'd be stoked as well.

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Mar 11, 2019