What next after banking? Is PE more of the same?

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Hi all,

Appreciate this subject has been rehashed many times, but looking for some advice about potential next steps - any insight would be much appreciated!

I know everyone talks about PE being the ultimate "end goal" after IB but currently uncertain about whether I want to start thinking about it. Committing to going through the process is obviously very time consuming since it's so competitive and having been to a networking event recently, I can't tell if it's just more of the same.

About me: Went to top tier school and currently doing M&A at an Elite Boutique. Was lucky in that I was in top ranking bucket last year so hopefully that leaves some options open. Having spent a year and a half in banking however, I'm not happy. It's a few things that are driving this: i) I'm not feeling intellectually stimulated, my jobs are repetitive and frankly boring (research, admin heavy), ii) I wasn't a finance major - I really enjoy understanding the strategic / operational sides of businesses but I'm not sure how the skillset would differ in other finance jobs, iii) the hours obviously aren't great. I'm willing to work hard for the right thing but finishing beyond 11pm everyday only seems worth it when you're passionate about what you do

I would one day love to be in upper management (CEO) and not sure if in the future finance is the right path. The greedy side of me doesn't want to take a huge pay cut, but if at the end of the day it's recouped it's worth it, as long as what I pick is not a dead end job (my biggest motivation for staying in banking). Anyone had any experience with VC / Start-Ups / PE - or any less obvious roads after banking? I'm very interested in the luxury sector but don't know if that's too niche

Thanks very much in advance for your help!

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Oct 31, 2018