what next after Snr VP in Deutsche bank

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Might seem to be a silly question, i will be attending an interview with Deutsche bank for the post of Snr VP, so i would like to know what is the next level after Snr VP.

I am working as a Snr manager with a Consulting coy

is Snr vp = Director or ED title in other Inv Banks. where can i find this information?

Thank you all in advance.


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Nov 29, 2007

Senior VP->Director->MD->SMD, PMD, etc.

Senior VP is still a VP.

  • justanotherbanker
  •  Nov 29, 2007

In my experience:

[European Title] = [American Title]
Director = Vice President
Executive Director = Senior Vice President

ED/SVP is the position directly under Managing Director

Analyst -> Associate -> Associate Director -> Director -> ED -> MD

Analyst -> Associate -> VP -> SVP -> MD -> SMD/PMD (e.g. SMD at Bear, PMD at Goldman)

Nov 29, 2007

U.S.-Analyst, Associate, VP, Director, MD, SMD/PMD

Nov 29, 2007

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Nov 29, 2007

Thank you all for your reply.


Nov 29, 2007

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