What projects should I get on to switch from IT to MC?

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Hi all,

Currently a grad student at a semi target university. Graduated with a 3.0 undergrad and decided to do an one year master's program (have a 4.0 in my master's) to go through consulting recruitment. Went through recruitment but didn't get either PwC TC or EY BAP but received an offer with IBM. I'll be starting as a Business Consultant and I'm already thinking of exit opportunities because although IBM is a huge name and a great starting point, I really want to do Management Consulting or Human Capital/Change Management Consulting. IBM is going through a huge transformation and it's pretty polarized. I've met people who love their jobs and people who hate it. For me, I think by just advocating for yourself you can try to make the best out of any situation so that's what I plan on doing. My question is what projects should I look for at IBM to tailor my resume to more management consulting? I'll try my hardest to stay away from long implementation projects because I really don't want to be pigeonholed into IT Consulting this early on in my career. I know the option of just not accepting the offer and looking for others but I'm pretty sure most if not all consulting companies have filled their entry level seats. I rather just take the offer and network within the company to get on projects that actually interest me and my goal of doing more MC work. Any advice will be appreciated.

Also, Happy New Year!

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Jan 7, 2019