Today, I got an e-mail that I got selected to attend a freshman program at a BB. (Damn, that felt good to write, lol)

What should be my approach in terms of networking as I go into this event?

Obviously other students will be there, so I don't really know if I can build that one-on-one connection. Also, the program is basically a few days, so I really can't build a connection that quick. So, should I just try to get their business cards?

If you have any other tips, I welcome those too.

Thank you for all of your help and God Bless!

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Man, I dont wanna sound rude as I was in your position not too long ago, but there are a thousand good threads about networking on this site and in plenty of other places. I think it is fairly common sense.. Make sure you have a few questions that you want to ask planned ahead of time, try to figure out who will be there from the firm/what they do/seniority etc to possibly do a bit of research on them/their industry, look sharp, don't be annoying and seem way too eager, feel free to talk about stuff that isn't business-related (sports, concerts, where they are from etc etc etc).

and a few DAYS isn't enough to make a connection??? If you're sharp, seem interested, and come off as an enjoyable and decent person, you can make a great connection in under an hour.

Good luck in the process - use your common sense and you will be fine

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