What should I do in the military to help my future career?

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Hello everyone.
I am a student at a top UK university, doing undergrad econ with an intention to go into trading, maybe into the quant side after doing postgrad.
The issue is, my nationality means that I have to do ~2 years of mandatory military service and avoiding this through renouncing citizenship is not a realistic possibility.
Given that I have to join the military, what should I do there MOS-wise to help land a good finance job/gain experiences which may be useful later on? I'm happy to work in London or Wall Street. Options include:
Translator, to improve language skills
Front line/something tough, to get fitter and build up determination through experiencing hardships
Comfy office post, to have spare time for study
Going as an officer is not really a possibility due to the minimum service period being a bit too long for my liking.

Thanks for reading.

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Jun 22, 2018