What should I do next? First job after college

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I'm currently at a small value fund which I started out at after graduating college. Because I graduated with a non-finance/business background, everything I'm doing right now I've either taught myself previously or learned on the job. I initially joined the firm because after an internship with them, I found both the mentorship opportunity and on-the-job experience to be valuable and thought I could use this as a good starting point to build an investing track record. Currently, due to some internal differences of opinion, the fund is currently holding back from making any new investments and I'm not sure when it will start again.

I'm writing this post to ask your guys' opinions on what I should be doing. Because of some recent changes, I'm getting less mentorship than I had hoped for and although I am doing equity research, it's being put on hold and not being used to make any investments.

Would it be best for me to build up a stockpile of investment ideas and try to jump to another firm? As someone with comparatively (to other people in a 1st year ER analyst position) spottier finance knowledge, should I be brushing up on my financial skills (if so, what should I focus on)? Should I be prepping myself for B-School and try to get a fresh start from there? What should I be focusing on at this point? Ideally, I would continue to build out experience with value investing, but I would also be open to other forms of investing.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions/advice. Thank you guys!

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