What should the ask be for a phone call with MD?

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Hi Monkeys,

I know this topic has been discussed before but I want some situational specific advice. I am a non-target senior with no-IB experience, looking for FT opportunities. I do have experience in financial services, but not direct IB.

I have been networking with Analysts and Associates and usually ask questions about day-to-day, some about firm and some about the city they live in before asking to connect with someone else and/or push my resume.

Obviously, since I have finally managed to get an MD on the line, I am not going to waste their time with day-to-day questions/recruiting timeline/anything that can be googled or found by talking to anyone lower.

My questions is:
* What kinds of questions should I ask? Specific ones and/or general advice welcome.
*And, what should my ask/final objective for the conversation be? (i.e. push resume/gently inquire about ft positions/etc.)

Some additional info: cold emailed an MD who is not from the region I live in and after persisting for few months, finally managed to get on the phone Next Tuesday.

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Sep 13, 2017

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