What sort of Case Study to expect from MM/LMM FO focusing on Growth Equity & Debt Capital?

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As title suggests - in interview process with a (L)MM FO focusing on Growth Equity & Debt Capital. Was wondering what sort of case study to potentially expect? Since i dont expect them to be doing leveraged buy outs presumably LBO will be out of question unless its a Paper LBO type all equity transaction where return is based on improved multiple & cash generated / div recap etc. What about the Debt Capital stuff? will be honest have very little experience regarding debt...would it potentially be a case of analyzing businesses and seeing if it can support the interest payments? whether its assets can be sold to pay back debt etc / if its good deal if convert debt to equity etc type stuff? its not an old established shop so could it potentially be just a standard "analyze the business and give your recommendations" type thing with some basic DCF , Paper LBO type analysis? Recruiter didnt know much and whilst i will ask the hiring manager if it gets to it i am trying to do the process very fast (have some days off) so wont potentially have loads of time to prepare either way after i receive it

Many thanks!

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Dec 21, 2018