What to do during off-semester for money when already have a full-time IB offer?

Hey guys. Currently accepted a full-time analyst IB offer that is set to start next June. However, I am graduating undergrad this December and am not sure what I will do for the next 6 months. Already asked if I could start early and they are pretty strict on when their new class starts.

That said, I am planning on traveling for a few months off of my signing bonus, but need other ideas to make some money/learn new things. Any ideas as to where I can look for part-time work where I'm not making dog shit money?

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Nov 27, 2015

Try searching BB websites for placement analyst positions (equivalent to internships) in Europe. That way you can travel & intern. I would also try your college's career center, occasionally a few good internships though pay usually isn't the greatest. If you do get an offer, inform the recruiters and see if they can push up the start date. They may be more willing to then because there's always the chance you can reneg if a better offer were to come along.

Nov 27, 2015
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