What to do if you still haven't found a 2019 summer internship?

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Short summary, I transferred schools between the summer of my freshman and sophomore year to a stronger academic school (I had an athletic scholarship to the other on). Anyways, due to transferring, I got way behind in the IB recruiting process and did not get an internship my sophomore summer because I had to do summer school to catch back up credit wise, so I could graduate on time. Now, I am a junior and have not secured an internship for this summer. What should I do? Is anyone still looking? Thanks.

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Feb 8, 2019

Hey walkjl17, I'm here because nobody responded to this thread after a few days...maybe one of these resources will help you:

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Hope that helps.

Feb 10, 2019

I'm sure most BB and EB roles have already been filled for this summer, and the off chance one has a spot open you would definitely have needed to network for it. If I were you I would shoot for regional boutiques / MMs and email every one you can find. Im sure there are some (especially regional boutiques) that have open spots since they are on their own timeline. If your goal is to transition BB or EB from there think about networking now to hopefully get in the FT pipeline and use the bank you can find for this summer to show some industry experience.

Feb 10, 2019