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3rd-year student at a public target, majoring in some sort of engineering and economics. I received interviews from Accenture and Strategy, however, I didn't case prep enough and consequently didn't receive an offer. I got and accepted a non-advisory internship offer from one of the Big 4 firms for the upcoming summer for the name. The reason for this post is because I'm seeking advice on what to do next. I really want to do consulting for full time but I believe my sub-par (3.3) is holding me from getting farther than an interview. What should I do next besides case and behavioral prepping?

PS:My Goal is MBB, but I'm realistic and know that it's not possible even with networking. So anything tier 1 and tier 2 is what I'm going for in hope of lateraling later on

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Nov 14, 2017

I would try to get above 3.3. Maybe 3.4 by the time you interview next year. I was similar engineering- econ minor though ended up in trading.

Deloitte business analyst might be best bet or whichever program they have for engineers (lower required gpa). Accenture strategy works to. I had a final round with a boutique strategy firm that from what I can tell got bought out by accenture strategy now.

You can probably get second tier ib interviews. I had BB in public finance (worst IB group). With your GPA sounds like 2-3 year job then top MBA to do MBB. Someone in my class did deloitte, insead (1 year program), then mbb.

Nov 14, 2017

Have you considered looking for tech/engineering product management internships? The recruiting is more spread out through the year and it's a good way to get a big name on your resume. They like people from technical backgrounds and aren't as GPA sensitive.

Nov 14, 2017

I have and Ive considered general software engineering internships. Only problem that occurred was that studying for software engineering interviews, product management interviews and case interviews made it so I wasn't up to par on either of them. I think next year for full time ill focus on case prep and pm interviews and keep prepping.

Nov 14, 2017

That looks like a good plan. SWE interviews also don't adhere to a strict interview schedule so it's a good backup in case things don't go well in the fall. I will warn you, at my school (top CS school) SWE hiring has been crazy for a while but has noticeable tightened up this year.

Nov 14, 2017

I have a similar situation and would love to hear more advice. I went to a target undergrad, but was a science major and pre med. After deciding I wanted to go the consulting route and not medicine, I was too late to get any offers. I'm now doing an MS in Accounting at an okay school, straight out of undergrad to get some sort of business names on my resume. Not at all interested in accounting but obviously did not want to get an mba too soon and waste my shot. I have an audit internship with a Big 4 right now and still another year left of my MS program. What is the best route for me to get into MBB or even tier 2? Trying to network hard within my internship and maybe be able to intern next year with Deloitte S&O or be able to apply there full time? Any advice would be great. I wish I knew everything I know now when I was wasting my time as an undergrad neuroscience major.

Nov 18, 2017

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