What to do with excess cash?

For a few years now, I've been bearish on the markets (insert usual complaints about heightened valuations, cash flow dynamics, consumer debt, etc.) and have been wrong every time... As a result, I don't have nearly enough equity exposure and after bonuses this year, will likely have >$500K of cash. What should I do? My overall sentiment on the market hasn't changed and I definitely get anxiety thinking about waiting all of this time only to now buy right before a significant, longer term correction.

Last year I told myself I would DCA when there were minor market corrections. I did increase my exposure a bit but still significantly missed the mark. Couple other items that may be helpful... I'm debt free and would likely be thinking about a $100-$200K down payment on a condo or house this year.

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Jan 4, 2022 - 6:42pm

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