What to do with your career when you're not particularly great in Financial Modelling

Hello fellow monkeys.

As title states, I am a senior analyst working at CBRE/JLL working on the usual package - deal modelling, teasers, IMs. Lately I have been thinking that my financial modelling skills are average at best. I've been doing a certain model for a certain region, and I can get the job done, but i keep finding myself making mistakes (which i will troubleshoot eventually, but i would rather just not make the mistake in the first place) or having trouble explaining how the overly complicated model works to other people - likely because of 3 lines long formula - which means I probably don't understand it too well myself either. I've been working close to 2+ years, though not a lot of it on modelling, at the beginning i thought it was a matter of practice and I'll get expertise sooner or later. But recently, starting to doubt myself.

Originally, like everyone else on this forum, I had been aiming for REPE roles, acquisitions analyst only! as it seemed to be the holy grail of real estate career paths. But I have had second thoughts - what if i actually really do get the job as an investment analyst and totally suck at modelling it? Short of the actual modelling skills, I've been doing great at my current workplace due to skills in organisation/proactivity/getting stuff done attitude and generally getting along well with everyone. I still want to stick to my goal of going to REPE, but I wonder what other types of roles should I strive for if not acquisitions? I don't believe that if you suck at modelling, your future is bleak - there's a dime a dozen senior brokers who don't know modelling and still get into senior positions earning good dough. But the view on exit opportunities, should i remove acquisitions, is slightly narrow and tunnel visioned from where I'm standing at.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Do let me know how you dealt with your situation.

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Nov 19, 2021 - 7:11pm

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