What to learn first to be ready to do a stock pitch?

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Hi everyone!

In short I want to do a stock pitch on Chinese airlines because I like the industry and I want to use it a way to learn more about companies, modeling, Excel and the industry. Also it would always be useful for job interviews.

I've been researching on the topic and I have found that the volume of work seems quite overwhelming. I thought stock pitching would be quite straightforward since I've completed CFA1 and I have some experience in the industry.

I guess I was VERY wrong.

I have no clue on where to start! I've seen quite a lot on the web about pitching, so I know what I have to do, but I have no idea how lol...

So my question is:

What should I learn to "be ready" to do the pitch? My thoughts:

Read a book on aviation industry to get to know all the ratios, factors that affect the airline, etc.
Read a book on valuation ("Investment Banking 2nd Ed.")
Take an advanced Excel course to better learn to model.

I am right on these materials? Or am I exaggerating the difficulty of the task? I want to get to work ASAP, but I clearly feel a lack of technical knowledge. On the other hand I don't want to spend 2 months reading books just to get started!

How did you guys do your first pitch? Did you get all technical and in-depth with the industry, modeling, etc? Or did you just started and learned as you went?

Your feedback would be very appreciated!