What to look for Good Property management service in Edinburgh

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When you hire a property manager for property management service in Edinburgh, Review carefully their management contract. You need to understand the responsibilities of the property manager, the landlord responsibilities and make sure you are protected if the property manager does not fulfill their obligations. Now check the following

First Know about Services and Fees
The first step of the management contract you must know is what services the agent has agreed to do and how much they will charge for the services.

Responsibilities of the Property Owner
The second part of the contract that you must know is your responsibilities as the landlord.
* Set Up and Maintain a Reserve Fund.
* Obtain and Maintain the Proper Insurance.

Equal Opportunity Housing
Ensure the management agreement has a section that states they support Equal Opportunity Housing. It must say they will follow both the state and federal fair housing laws. And also many more steps you need to know which are Liability, Contract Duration, and Termination Clause for Good Property management service in Edinburgh

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Apr 4, 2019