What type of HF internship is this?

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My school has a posting for an internship position at a well-known hedge fund. Does anyone know what type of position this is for? Here's the description:

Responsibilities include:
Utilizing accounting knowledge for preparing and generating financial statements / models of portfolio companies for use in our credit analysis process.
Assisting the senior analysts with the fact-gathering process of credit work including using research reports, proprietary information portal, and contacting sell-side analysts.
Improving the process / sources used by senior analysts in the group for monitoring existing positions and industry trends.
Completing other ad hoc projects as necessary.

__________ HF is seeking a third-year college student to intern within the (location) based International Convertible Securities team. The intern will assist in analyzing companies for the portfolio.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Nov 1, 2010

What company?

Nov 1, 2010

I wouldn't answer what fund this is for. I'm also not sure what you're asking about. The description of what you would be doing is right there.

It's for a credit group that needs someone to do the b work. You will learn a lot, and I would go for it. (Yes it sounds like it's FO if that's what you mean.)

Nov 1, 2010

I'm not going to name the fund. I am asking because I'm not too familiar with HF internships and assume that they're much less structured in regards to responsibilities and training. Like the above commenter noted, it seems like this is basically doing random assignments that the team needs, the but would give me great exposure to that type of work.

Nov 1, 2010

that sounds like my internship job scope where i work. i would consider it FO work as well. basically the first 2 would mean you conduct research and run the numbers for credit analysis. the third point would probably be just you doing some excel kinda work that they figure out they need at the time.

Nov 7, 2010