What was your FT Recruiting Like? Recruiting for FT 2022 and curious.

Just a bit of background - currently recruiting for FT 2022 and have been through two processes and waiting to hear back from the banks so far, but I'm curious if anyone has any advice to offer or tips on how they secured an offer through FT Recruiting. Had an IB Internship at solid MM and TAS at Big 4, which definitely prepared me well for full-time recruiting. I've been doing all the things I know I should - i.e. networking a ton, applying to any and everywhere (specifically wanting NYC), and talking to any OCR I can. At a semi-target as well.

Is FT Recruiting more of a timing and luck sort of thing than SA? Seems to me that analysts leaving for buy-side and other roles as well as the timing of when firms start looking to fill these full-time spots matters a ton but would love to hear the experiences/thoughts of those who have gone through the FT process for IB in the past. Thanks!

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Oct 7, 2021 - 9:51pm

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