What's in a REPE financial modelling test of ONE hour?

Hi everyone,

Next week I will have to make a financial modelling test for an analyst role at a REPE boutique, though the confirmation email says that the test will take 1 hour. It does not specify what the test will comprise off, I have not made one before (I am nervous) and apart from some discussions I read here I cannot find that much information about what could be in it.

Anyone has experience with these test for juniors / recent graduates, and what would likely be in a test only 1 hour?

Hope you can help :)

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Jan 30, 2020 - 1:24pm

Would expect to do a debt amortization table (make sure it sums to 0), a rent roll summary table (make sure you know sumifs and pmt forumlas), and a 10 year cash flow with a lease up period, I suggest using A.CRE (Adventrues in commercial real estate) development model video on Youtube for this. The video is a little more than an hour and also teaches you everything you'll need to know and more including an equity waterfall. I doubt a waterfall will be on there if the test is just and hour but if you can do everything in that video and understand why the formulas make sense you can go into that test confidently. I don't think there is anything else they could throw at you that you couldn't get. Might also want to just practice doing a basic 10 year proforma for acquiring a stabilized asset and ensure you can calculate all the return metrics (NPV, IRR, EM).

Feb 3, 2020 - 11:16am

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