Both are quite difficult. One requires grit, charisma, and a lot of luck. The other can be achieved after following a linear training routine for a number of months.


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Kid from complete nontarget with a chance at MM/BB here.

There is almost nothing harder than breaking into a NYC BB from a nontarget assuming you have no resources and have to do it from scratch. Start your freshman year with all knowledge and help? Doable.

I have had 1 day of free time in the last 2-3 years. Everything else is a constant grind. Wake up at 6AM every day, and if I am lucky I get to bed by 10PM (I am not very lucky). Those 16 hours? 90-100% of that is work... every single day. And you know what happens when I try to have fun? The gnawing thought of having to do homework and then if projects I could be doing. Kills anything. No matter how hard I work I will always be behind the kid who got went to a target school and has never known what it is like to work and go to school. He got a freshman internship at a firm that won't even look at my school.

On the other hand I worked up to 13 miles in 3-4 weeks from never running at all.

Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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Breaking into IB is much harder. The difference is: you run a marathon for yourself (just have to complete it) and in IB, you have to convince other people that you can run the marathon (kiss ass, are competent, responsible, etc.). Persuading other people, while there are much more attractive candidates is the hardest thing you can possibly do, imo.

"Loser terrorists" & "bad hombres"

"Typical candidates are those who attended a top-tier academic institution"
-Most job applications


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