I've been working at a Fortune 500 company now for almost six months. It's a successful, highly profitable, high-growth company with a very strong domestic and international brand. I like working there, I like telling people that I work there, and I'm proud of being a part of the success story of the company. There's just one problem: I'm in a back-office, operational department and the duties that I have are very specific (meaning I'm not sure if they could transfer anywhere else). I'm very interested in FP&A, so my plan is to work in my current role for two years and then try to transfer internally. I know of at least two people in this exact department (and one more in a similar department) who have successfully made the transfer, so I think that with some networking, I could do that too.

A few weeks ago, one of the companies that I interviewed for before landing my current gig emailed me about a new opening that they had in FP&A. I went in for an interview, and now I have an offer from them. Compensation and benefits are practically the same, but the two companies couldn't be more different. This new company is a moderately sized (~60 billion in TA), regional bank that is performing slightly under the average in their peer group. I don't feel I would take much pride in working there. Also, although I'd be working in FP&A, I've heard that FP&A for a bank is different enough from other companies that I wouldn't be able to readily switch to non-bank companies. This could be problematic, because I don't really feel any attraction to the banking industry, and I would actually prefer to end up in almost any other industry.

So I guess the basic question here is what is more important, the company or the position? If my eventual goal is to work in FP&A at a large, successful corporation, what is my best course of action right now?