Im currently majoring in International study, and Asian Language and Culture (Japanese).

Im originally from China, came to the US as an exchange student at age 14, went to one year of high school, and skipped two years. (i took all senior and AP classes during my only year in High School in the US)

So now, im gonna be 19 in a month, currently a senior(but plan to stay in college 4 1/2 years). GPA is about 3.6 right now, will try to bring it up to 3.75 when i apply for HBS 2+2.

Im also going to study abroad in Japan for at least a semester (hopefully a year) starting in Sep, focusing on learning the language and other Asia related social/econ/Business issues.

Have taken few business courses at Ross Business school (U Michigan). and really liked them.

Don't really have a lot of working experience, have been intern once in a company in China; have 3 volunteer experiences, travel a lot. as for leadership, Im currently the event chair of Chinese association at UMichigan (one of the biggest Chinese association in the states), and have hosted a couple events.

Chinese (Mandarin) is my native language, English is really close to native fluency. Will be pretty fluent in Japanese after studying abroad. Will start taking French next month.

And i plan to apply for HBS 2+2 in 2011, haven't taken the GMAT yet, still working on it. expect a 720+ score.

What's my chance of getting into HBS 2+2? and are there anything else i can do to have a better chance of getting in?

Thank you so much!

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GMAT will be important but becomes irrelevant after a certain metric. The driving force behind admission to any MBA program, but especially elite programs, and even more especially straight out of undergrad...and even more especially being just 20 years old....is why an mba, why here, why now. What do you bring to a class of very accomplished 26-30 year olds? What is an MBA going to help you achieve? What are recruiters supposed to do with you? I've always heard that 2+2 admits come almost exclusively from harvard/yale/princeton...the latter 2 less so than the former, though I'm not sure of the veracity of that claim.

Volunteering, languages, etc is pretty "meh" for MBA admissions unless you have done something remarkable OR you can elucidate how those experiences + an mba will help you reach your end goal.


Get a job first, why would you even want an MBA now, the MBA will be more "useful" once you have a taste of the real world....


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