Finance is my passion, but when I first went to college I decided my major to be management information systems because there's good money in it. But lately I haven't been feeling very happy with what I've done. And at first what kept me from choosing finance is because according to what I know finding a good job in finance is pretty competitive. So would I find a job with a good pay easily with a degree in finance or should I double major in finance and MIS?

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First of all, wrong forum.

Second of all, there's a search function.

Third of all, really?

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A) your degree itself won't really mean much

B) Your going to have to network.

C) You probably will get a better pay working as an IT guy or systems engineer than in finance for most roles, considering how difficult it is to get a decent role.


You don't say want you want to do in "finance," so I'll assume f500 corp fin (because who really gets IBD offers?).

Assuming you majored in Finance and landed an entry-level role as a financial analyst you might expect $45-55k (if you've had relevant internships you could come in higher, I would say this is the 20-80 percentile). Keep in mind corp fin roles are largely accounting based - so you should probably just major in accounting (keep CPA options open).

Why not switch to computer science and earn 60+ starting?

I'll do what I can to help ya'll. But, the game's out there, and it's play or get played.

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