What's the etiquette for applying to an internship for a different service line while currently interning at that company?

Appreciate any insight and advice you all can provide! Here's the situation:

I'm and undergrad student currently at a big 4 on a coop in a certain service line. Over my time here and through talking to different consultants, I would like to be in their strategy/operations consulting group. This group at my big 4 is currently recruiting for interns.

My current coop contract expires before this prospective internship would start, so there's no conflict there. However, if I apply and were to interview, I'd be interviewing while I am a coop at this firm, just in a different service line.

Is there any sort of etiquette that I should be concerned about? Will it look strange/raise flags to this group that I'm applying to if I'm currently an intern in a different division. I've also been applying to other companies for internships, but I really like the firm and would love to stay, just in a different group.

Let me know your thoughts on the situation! My plan right now is to simply apply online through the regular recruitment channels, while I continue my coop.

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Jan 3, 2019

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