What's the Process for Infrastructure Funds Recruiting

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I will be starting in the public finance / munis group of Citi this summer. From what I understand, my exit ops are pretty much limited to infrastructure funds, ie, Macquarie, Citi Infrastructure Investors, Cintras, GIP, etc or funds that infrastructure groups such as Terra Firma, CDPQ, Ferrovial.

What is the recruiting process for these funds like? Is it similar to that of standard PE firms? Are there opportunities for pre-MBA candidates? Will headhunters reach out to me, or will I have to network a lot?

I really know nothing about this, and there's not as much info out there about it as standard BB --> PE.

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Mar 2, 2011


Jun 15, 2011


Jun 15, 2011

I'm interested in knowing this as well - how easy is the transition from Muni underwriting to Infrastructure Fund?

Jul 11, 2011