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I am writing because I so appreciate the honesty of your posts....

I left school two years ago with a Master's degree from a target school.... When I was in School I did everything I should have done to maybe stand a chance in the financial services industry: the target school, the internships at top tier banks, the perfect gpa etc.

Upon graduation, in the middle of a recession I interned for a bit at a French bank and it became clear that they would renew my internship but not hire me.... So I panicked and started looking for jobs....took the first I was offered.

It wasn't at a top bank and it was not exactly what I wanted to do but it was a front office position and it would give me good exposure, right? So I joined.... Turns out the desk did not want a junior ...they just wanted an assistant and because it's not a top tier bank they dont have analyst programmes that make you evolve...so ive been doing the same shit for a year and a half now, my team is quite horrible (think boiler-room personnalities, loud, ignorant etc) and worst of all, I have no way of progressing here

Im only young so I dont mind, I keep faith and I do my best so they're pleased with me and in the meantime I look for jobs elsewhere...but nothing works.... I dont get many interviews because there arent many jobs...and when I do its always the same speech: I get amazing feedback but im too junior / too senior / headcount has not been approved

My last hopes were crashed last week and i feel so ...fucked...i dont know what to do because the longer I stay in this role the harder it will be for me to get out but on the other hand i cant resign without anything planned next.

So i dont know what to do, I really try so hard...I wonder whether I should give up on Finance or keep trying whilst knowing it'll only get harder?

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well obviously your first step is to never give up...Its gonna be hard but never give up. I applied to ms, ml, ubs and got over 10 interviews 6 with ms, 3 with ml and 1 with ubs. I didnt get any of those positions. A year and a half later they came and recruited me. Currently at mssb. My point isfigure out what you want and ask for advice on how you can better tune your resume, who to cold call, and whats the best way to proceed in the interview. Good Luck!!!


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