What's Your Tax Return This Year? And How To Find Shadier Accountants

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What's your tax return this year? I got $5,200 back federal and $300 state. I was worried because I was self-employed for the second half of the year, but my wife's shit and real estate depreciation made up for it, I guess.

Also, what's your accountant situation? Last year, I used a guy from Milwaukee and got like $3K back. But this year, he's asking me to do all this bullshit and put together P&Ls and send out 1099s and I'm like bro what am I paying you for. So I switched to a lady a couple real estate people recommended me and it was super hands-off and I'm pretty happy with the return. But I feel like she's still not being liberal enough. I want an accountant like the one Ben Affleck plays in The Accountant. One who comes from a place of, 'What can we get away with with a reasonable degree of confidence and a safe fallback if called out?' How do you find one of those? You got one?

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Apr 4, 2018