What's Your Top Stock Pick for 2018?

As the year comes to a close and financial activity winds down for the year, what is everyone's top stock pick for 2018? What are your justifications for your pick?

At the end of 2018 we can look back and see which stocks performed the best.

See WSO monkeys' picks from 2017 here

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Dec 15, 2017

Tiger16, hey, look at the bright side, at least you didn't get a ton of monkey shit thrown at you...here is my best guess on threads that might be helpful:

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  • More suggestions...

Who will rescue this thread? @RGE @signposts @Alexandre-Perrin

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

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Jan 2, 2018

VALE [NYSE] - Vale S.A.

CXW [NYSE] - CoreCivic, Inc.

FPI [NYSE] - Farmland Partners Inc.

GE [NYSE] - General Electric Company

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Jan 3, 2018

From last year valeant.

I don't see a reason to make a call on an arbitrary start date like the new year. I will hit a pitch when it's presented.

Recent buys have been off-shore drillers but not a ton. If oil is going to stay up here or ideally find another $5-10 then some money should be flowing into their businesses.

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Jan 5, 2018

FB always FB

220 at least by 2018 YE

"Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied"

Jan 14, 2018


Jan 14, 2018



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Jan 14, 2018
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