When Banks BB & Botique Post Openings fo Immidiate Hire Is That a Good Sign for Applicants?

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I just posted about an opening I saw on the IB forum because I thought it would be an alternative to the traditional process and an alternative to those who missed out; however, I may have over interpreted the word.

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Feb 4, 2019

I guess its a good sign if you're able to get the job. Someone probably jumped to another opportunity or got a promotion because a higher ranking person left (depending on what the position is, Analyst -> Associate or Associate -> Senior Associate/AVP/VP). You should definitely throw your hat in the ring if you are still looking. If you are still looking then good luck to you!

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Feb 5, 2019

I got my IB job by applying online. I had never networked in the group before, nobody told me of the opening, and I came from BO/MO.

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Feb 7, 2019