When do you go?

I am a mid-back office "analyst" at a large firm in (private area 41). I graduated very recently. I do not like my job, nor does anyone in my office (duh, is BO)...on the one hand, the work is banal, excruciatingly boring, and grating. On the other hand, I took a 3 hour biking expedition during "break" and when I returned I discovered all but 1 of my coworkers getting high (This is why you DON"T settle for BO...and yes, later someone stole OranguTNDM's bike because sketchy building).

I want to flip my metaphorical and literal table and change not my job but my CAREER. I don't see th epoint in going to FO. If I do, I might wind up being a beta-analyst while guys with actual experience outdo me....If a BO monkey can even GET INTO the analyst function!

I am considering changing arenas entirely--STEM, boys! STEM all the way (mabye)! Either chemistry, biology, and/or CS.

When does a mid-20's fool take the plunge, leave his easy-af -but-dull career, and become a sciences guy? I would be happy to return as a life-sciences/devices analyst when I get out of my second schooling---at which point I'd be extremely able to defend my stock picks and point out opportunities. Maybe consulting...but I'd be a mix of "useless ops experience" with an "X" amount of CS/Medical/STEM experience....is this trading a rotten apple for a sour amoeba?

My concern is 1. People in CS/Chem E need AGES of education to be worth anything...why would I leave a joke -arse job with decent pay and benefits if I wound up working for the same $ in 4 years?

  1. Switching is a leap of faith; I wound up in OPS by sheer ineptitude (don't take job descriptions for face value--they are shafting you) Why wouldn't Orangutndm make a similar mistake
  2. The children working in life sciences now have been studying since they were 12. Would I even stand a cuckluck chance?

Thank you all for support. For the record, I 1. didn't know where to post this and 2 have tried to work for hedge funds/will again if I survive this crisis of career.


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Mar 9, 2019

What about trying to figure out what you enjoy (or hate the least) and are actually decent at first before doing anything rash? Take some cs courses online and see if you find it interesting...

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Mar 10, 2019
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