when does the analyst fiscal year cycle end?

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june 30 or july 31? which banks have which fye?

also, what happens if an departing second year analyst needs to leave the job 1 month prior to the 7/31 fye due to his/her other opporutnity forcing him to join at that time? is bonus just prorated?

i am most interested in BB. thanks.

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Dec 27, 2006

are you planning on telling them about your departure? b/c then you can expect a possibly extreme "pro-rating". happened to a friend of mine

Dec 27, 2006

from my experienece, GS is typically one of the last banks to end (start later than most BB). The program ended on 6/30 provided that you had enough vaca to cover another 10-12 days of work. If not, you had to keep working or get prorated based on # of weeks worked / 52. No one did this as everyone had plenty of vaca.

Dec 27, 2006

so are you saying that if my fye is 7/31 but i have to leave by 6/30 then I will still get the same bonus provided that i don't take vaca?

also, when is the best time to tell my group that I will be leaving early....

doesnt GS have a fye of 7/31 as well or is it 6/30?

Dec 27, 2006

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Dec 27, 2006

do you mean they will prorate the bonus (ie 11/12 of bonus)?

Dec 28, 2006

GS FY end is 11/30, but for analyst program it is around 7/15-7/20 which is when analysts start. They let you leave early by taking vacation from 7/1-7/20 if you have it.

Dec 28, 2006

TheBull, let me spell this out. if you tell them early, you run the risk they will pay you the absolute min bonus they want to. I have a friend who was a top analyst in his group, that told his group he was leaving and got 30% of what he should have.

Dec 28, 2006