When should I leave for a different firm?

Hi guys! I'm going to be starting in a boutique consulting firm after I graduate undergrad this year and I was wondering when I should start applying to MBB / Tier 2 Consulting firms for a lateral hire. I'm very committed to getting into strategy consulting but got no offers this year so was just wondering on a typical timeline, considering I want to go as quickly as reasonably possible.

Would that be after 3 months? 6? 1 year? Should I start applying to places even before then and just let them know after I get the offer and just play it by year?

Thanks a ton!

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Nov 17, 2021 - 6:18pm

In short: no set timeline. Be good at what you do and start networking.

There isn't really a set timeline here. If you go into the new job with one foot out already, you won't benefit from the growth opportunities right in front of you. No first job is ideal, so may as well get some growing pains out of the way. 1) Knowing your role within the firm and 2) being good at it are the best way for you to be ready to pivot. This is where the networking comes into play. Being connected with other professionals in areas of interest will lead to introductions which can lead to job opportunities. If you are able to communicate solid experience and tell a good story for why you want to switch, you will have open doors wherever you are looking. 

Nov 20, 2021 - 10:11am

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