When to Lateral?

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Hi Guys,

As the title states, I want your opinions as to when you think it is appropriate to switch banks. I just started at a MM bank as a credit analyst (a little over a month ago) that traditionally has focused on its commercial lending side and has a presence in the corporate space, albeit a limited presence. I will be working on the corporate side of things monitoring credits and the risks associated with them mainly doing annual reviews with a few refinancings.

The new position I'm interested in is with a BB doing the same thing with maybe slightly more exposure to refinancings or new deals.

The pay difference all in is probably ~ +$15 - $20K, which is nice but not the real reason I would want to switch. I know the BB would provide better exposure with the ability to lead deals as well as work on larger deals too. Also, I would switch with the ultimate goal of lateralling after a year or two of that to LevFin within the same bank as it has always been something that has interested me.

Am I just being antsy? Or should I jump at a potential opportunity like this?

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Jul 12, 2018