When to start full-time networking?

Hi all,

Current junior who is about to start an IB internship this summer, but really would like to break into an EB for fulltime (many reasons). I interviewed with Laz and Evercore, but never got an offer. When should I start reaching out to my interviewers/alum for fulltime? Additionally, how should I go about reaching out to alum at shops I am interested in working in? I feel like saying right now that I am interested in a full time position is premature. I really want to talk to alum at shops that I am interested in, however.

Background: Going to work at a weaker BB in a coverage group, from a target school.

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Mar 13, 2019

Nothing wrong ever with reaching out to alums to learn about their experiences/build your network. I would wait until at least the second half of your internship this summer to talk about jobs at their firms more concretely. Asking for a job is also a ton easier if they already know you.

Mar 14, 2019


Mar 14, 2019

just google it...you're welcome