When to study abroad... does sophomore year fall make sense?

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Since recruiting is getting pushed ahead further and further, is it to the point that that studying abroad sophomore year fall will hurt my chances at recruiting?

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Oct 28, 2018

I am currently studying abroad in Europe as a sophomore. I am only here for the fall semester.

In my experience, it does not affect your chances. I've had multiple interviews BBs in the states, but these have all been through hirevue. Additionally, if you are studying abroad in a big city like I am (London) there are many opportunities to network with banks and other finance companies in the local area, especially if there are European target schools in that city such as in my situation. The other day I attended a JP Morgan networking event at a nearby target school in London. I met lots of employees and made great connections.

Ultimately, it just depends where you go. You can find many opportunities depending on the city.

Oct 29, 2018

I'd recommend studying abroad 2nd semester junior year. the way recruiting is pushed up it doesn't make sense to study abroad during sophomore year. You should be networking aggressively sophomore year both 1st and 2nd semester because apps will be due during June, the summer after your sophomore year. Study abroad after you have an offer secure.

Oct 29, 2018